As of Monday, July 20th, 2015, we will NOT be preparing any new batches of our cultured veggie blends until the first week in August.  Current orders will continue to ship as long as we have veggies in stock.  If the veggies sell out, all non-veggie orders will continue to ship ahead (books, oils, starters, supplements, videos, etc., etc.).  Veggie shipping will only resume when we will replenish our veggie inventory, which should be around the second week in August.  We are in the middle of upgrading and repairing some of our kitchen equipment and implementing new procedures, so we thanks for your patience. 

PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT WE MAY DELAY SHIPPING OF VEGGIES ORDERS DURING THE HOTTEST DAYS OF THE SUMMER MONTHS (usually just July and August).  We will ship as soon as moderate temperatures return, which is usually within a couple of days at most.   This is to protect your investment and the quality of your veggies!   

Our Organic Cultured Vegetables are AVAILABLE TO ORDER - GARDEN AND SEA BLEND ONLY!  We are currently OUT OF SUNSHINE BLEND until the 2nd week in August.   Note: All orders may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

The culturing process takes about 1.5 weeks and then we need time to pack and ship them to you as well.  We cannot rush this naturally occurring culturing process.  Thanks in advance for your patience! 

Check out our new YouTube Channel for videos about the health benefits of consuming cultured veggies and how to prepare them should you wish to make them on your own.

Very Sincerely,

~ The Immunitrition Team