Dear Loyal Customers,

This message is to inform you that as of Nov. 30th, 2015 we will be unexpectedly losing our lease in our commercial kitchen.  We have officially sold all of our remaining stock as of Monday, Nov. 23rd.  Therefore, we will be halting all cultured veggie production until we find a new space.  We are not sure how long this process will take, but we most likely will NOT have veggies for purchase for the better part of six months (Dec. 2015 through perhaps May of 2016).  Our goal is to secure a new commercial kitchen space as soon as possible, but as you all know, it takes time to find the right space at the right lease price, to build out a commercial kitchen, and to have it inspected by the state to be approved to open for business.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes take many months.  We promise to work as quickly as we can to get back into business, and we will certainly keep you posted here with periodic updates, so check back here often.  Thank you so much for over a DECADE of support and please know that we will be diligently working on a solution to get back into production as soon as humanly possible.  ~ The Immunitriton Team

Our Organic Cultured Vegetables are currently OUT OF STOCK - ALL BLENDS - INVENTORY HAS RUN OUT!  Note: We are still shipping existing orders (those that came in before today when we still had inventory), so please allow the usual 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 

The culturing process takes about 1.5 weeks and then we need time to pack and ship them to you as well.  We cannot rush this naturally occurring culturing process.  Thanks in advance for your patience! 

Check out our new YouTube Channel for videos about the health benefits of consuming cultured veggies and how to prepare them should you wish to make them on your own.

Very Sincerely,

~ The Immunitrition Team

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